Apr 27, 2020

How AI Innovation is Introducing a No-Touch Skincare Experience to Combat COVID-19

How AI Innovation is Introducing a No-Touch Skincare Experience to Combat COVID-19

Long before the coronavirus shocked the world into immediate digital-first thinking, the need for brands to understand and adapt to their consumer’s digital behaviors was apparent. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and machine learning technologies continue to improve the consumer experience and a brand’s understanding of individual preferences and buying behaviors. This helps them cater to the consumer-centric strategies demanded by the modern-day consumer, however today they are challenged to re-imagine this through a remote, digital, touch-free lens.

While spending more time at home, consumers have become hyper-focused on their skin health and continue to seek personalized skincare advice that speaks to their specific skin concerns. This type of advice and expert recommendations were once only possible through a face to face appointment with a skincare professional; however the emergence of advanced skin diagnostic technology has helped to re-create this skincare experience virtually. As our world continues to stay at home in our global fight against COVID-19, brands are able to leverage these virtual skin analysis tools to engage their customers and offer a remote, personalized skincare experience at home. Skin diagnostic technology, like YouCam’s AI skin tech, has become fundamental in helping brands process millions of data combinations in order to generate expert recommendations offering consumers trusted advice through a touch-free digital environment.

Recent advancements in AI and mobile camera lens technology have quickly eliminated the need for peripheral hardware instruments and introduced a seamless instant skin diagnostic experience that users could experiment with using just their smart phone. Digital user experiences like those offered through the YouCam Skin Diary feature in the YouCam Makeup app and the Neutrogena Skin360 app experience (powered by YouCam’s AI skin technology) provide users an instant skin health reading, tracking common skin concerns in seconds. The advanced AI skin technology is now accurate enough to identify a range of the most common skin concerns including spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles, as well as advanced iterations tracking redness, oiliness, and moisture levels. These instant skin health readings are coupled with professional product recommendations that can be used to address each area of concern, helping brands best serve the individual needs of the user and subsequently boost consumer confidence.

Companies are quickly looking to these advanced AI skin tech solutions as a way to offer the remote high-touch experiences to their consumers in the digital-first setting that eases current global health concerns. Leading skincare brands, like La Roche-Posay, have taken it one step further, spearheading the development of the advanced skin tracking necessary for analysis of the most common skin concern—acne; a concern that affects more than 40 million individuals in the US every year. The La Roche-Posay Acne Spot Scan tool delivers an immediate acne spot reading and personalized product recommendations for treatment (powered by YouCam’s AI skin technology), directly through your mobile device. This type of advanced skin tech helps to instantly educate and inform the consumer of their skin health, helping to track various areas of concern, and allows brands to recommend the appropriate products to meet individual customer needs. By re-imagining the skincare consultation through a digital lens, brands can successfully leverage AI skin tech to recreate a remote digital experience that delivers expert advice through a touch-free environment most desirable today.

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