May 11, 2020

Perfect Corp. Launched Three New Comprehensive Beauty AI+AR Services in WeChat Mini Programs to Help Beauty Brands Drive Personalization

Perfect Corp. Launched Three New Comprehensive Beauty AI+AR Services in WeChat Mini Programs to Help Beauty Brands Drive Personalization

Virtual makeup try-on, AI skin diagnostic, and AI Smart Shade Finder solutions will help beauty brands optimize their marketing strategy towards Chinese consumers within WeChat official accounts.

New York, New YorkMay 11, 2020Perfect Corp, the leading AI + AR beauty tech solutions provider and developer of the award-winning virtual beauty app, YouCam Makeup, enables three digital beauty solutions and SDKs for WeChat mini programs. Perfect Corp.’s advanced beauty AR + AI solutions will allow beauty brands to enhance their social marketing capabilities on WeChat and focus on providing personalized shopping experience to consumers. With Virtual Makeup Try-on, AI Skin Diagnostic, and AI Smart Shade Finder solutions, consumers will be able to instantly try on makeup products, receive accurate skin diagnostic assessment of their skin concerns, and easily find their ideal foundation shade. WeChat is China's largest and most dominant social platform and consumers often turn to beauty brands’ official WeChat accounts to make an informed purchasing decision. WeChat mini programs are an increasingly important tool for the beauty brands’ WeChat official accounts to increase brand engagement and deliver personalized shopping experience that modern customers are looking for, and Perfect Corp.’s comprehensive AI+AR beauty solutions can help achieve those objectives.

AI Smart Shade Finder Mini Program

AI Smart Shade Finder re-imagines how beauty shoppers find their perfect foundation shade through the use of advanced AI and deep learning, which allows WeChat users to virtually try-on multiple foundation shades and receive personalized product recommendations based on their results. AI Smart Shade Finder solution for WeChat mini programs detects nearly 90,000 skin tones with unlimited grades from light to dark, as well as unlimited undertones from warm to cool. Beauty shoppers are now able to effortlessly try on several foundation shades in seconds, to find their best match.

AI Skin Diagnostic Mini Program

AI Skin Diagnostic feature for WeChat mini program allows beauty consumers to get an instant skin analysis to track spots, wrinkles, texture, redness, oiliness, dark circles, and other skin conditions and receive personalized recommendations for a skincare routine that meets their specific skin concerns. Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI skin tech solutions put an emphasis on personalization and delivering skin care product recommendations specifically tailored for each user. Customers receive instant skin diagnostic directly from their mobile device which empowers them in their purchase decision to find the skincare products that are targeted specifically for them.

AR Virtual Makeup Try-On Mini Program

Perfect Corp.’s powerful AR beauty technology, based on innovative real-time high definition facial 3D Live Mesh with 3,900 meshes, offers WeChat beauty shoppers hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on experience that rivals a physical one. Consumers can choose between 7 different lipstick textures, as well as try on eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, and more to find their most favorite product. WeChat beauty merchants can also engage customers through AI-powered Beauty Advisor service that offers personalized look recommendations based on the facial attributes and preferences, so the customers can save their time and skip the trial-and-error process at the physical store.

“As consumer shopping behavior shifts towards e-commerce, beauty brands need to embrace the power of innovative AI + AR beauty technology to deliver on the interactive and personalized beauty journey that modern consumers want ,” – shares Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “Our comprehensive beauty AI+AR services within WeChat mini programs will allow beauty brands to deliver personalized product recommendations and keep consumers engaged in a new virtually connected way that invites discovery and experimentation.”

Perfect Corp. will continue to develop revolutionary AI/AR beauty tech solutions and work closely with WeChat to further explore beauty e-commerce potential and enhance consumers’ beauty experience.


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YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

YouCam Perfect is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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