Jul 06, 2020

Perfect Corp. Seeks Taiwan Government’s Assistance to Clarify Its Corporate Reputation and is Open to Collaboration with Indian Officials over YouCam Makeup App Ban

Perfect Corp. Seeks Taiwan Government’s Assistance to Clarify Its Corporate Reputation and is Open to Collaboration with Indian Officials over YouCam Makeup App Ban

Leading Taiwanese app developer has conducted a rigorous internal investigation and hasn’t discovered any violation of Section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

Taiwan, TaipeiJuly 6, 2020 Perfect Corp., a Taiwan company and developer of the YouCam Makeup app, hosts a conference in Taipei today to clarify the nature of the incident regarding YouCam Makeup, leading virtual makeup app fully built and developed in Taiwan, being banned by the Indian officials on the grounds of security concerns.


In December 2017, YouCam Makeup was mistakenly identified as a Chinese app. In May 2020, misleading and inaccurate information regarding YouCam suite of apps was circulating on the Internet. Perfect Corp.’s global reputation was strongly undermined by various online sources reporting inaccurate statements without any prior verification. In June 2020, the “Remove China App”, which was developed by an Indian company called OneTouch AppLabs, has put Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect apps on the banned list. In 2018, as well as recently in June 2020, Perfect Corp. has publicly declared its continuous dedication to personal data protection for all app users and confirmed that there are rigorous safety protocols in place for all the data that is stored and processed. User data of YouCam Apps is stored on the safe and secure Amazon AWS server located outside of China. At the end of June, Perfect Corp. has received a letter from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology- (MeiTY), an executive agency of the Union Government of the Republic of India announcing that YouCam Makeup is among the 59 Chinese apps banned on the grounds of security concerns. Perfect Corp.’s corporate website and server were also wrongly affected and included in the banned list by the Indian government. With this press conference, Perfect Corp. aims to curb the spread of misinformation and states that the company fully complies with the Indian laws and regulations. Perfect Corp. is strongly willing to participate in the investigation together with the Indian government and seeks assistance from the government of Taiwan.


Perfect Corp. has one of the largest app developer investments in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 2015, Perfect Corp. has become one of the world's largest beauty technology developers, with more than 850 million app downloads worldwide and more than 280 top beauty brand partners. “Perfect Corp. has highly reliable relationship with customers, and our apps are popular among users. Information security is and always will be Perfect Corp.’s highest priority and the company will go to great lengths to protect and secure the data of the app users in India. YouCam suite of apps in India is among the top 10 camera applications in terms of downloads and has more than 180 million downloads,” said Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. “Sadly, due to the ban of YouCam Makeup in India, our Indian users can no longer use the app. Most importantly, Perfect Corp.’s global reputation was undermined, and we deeply regret that the Indian government implemented the ban. Perfect Corp. is open to constructive engagement and discussion to resolve this misunderstanding with Indian authorities and the company looks forward to Taiwan government’s proactive assistance to liaison with Indian officials for the purpose of establishing a dialog channel for active communication. Perfect Corp. is willing to provide security data protection assurance and submit all the information required by the Indian government to clarify its corporate reputation. 


“Perfect Corp.’s app user data is stored on the safe and secure Amazon AWS server located in Tokyo, Ireland, and Oregon State of the United States, which meets the standards of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and respective international data protection regulations,” said Louis Chen, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Perfect Corp. “Perfect Corp. doesn’t collect user data without user consent or share personal information with unauthorized third parties. Perfect Corp. has recently conducted another rigorous internal investigation and confirmed there are no security breaches with regards to personal data protection and user information security, and the company has never received any requests from any foreign governments regarding the transfer of user data.”




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