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8 Best Free Apps To Remove Objects From Photos in 2024
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8 Best Free Apps To Remove Objects From Photos in 2024

Feb 1, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Sometimes, when you take a photo, unwanted objects find their way in. Whether it’s birds in front of your beautiful sunset photo or background items in your bathroom selfie, you need an AI Object Remover tool to remove objects or people from the background.

Remove things from Photos before and after with the YouCam Perfect AI object remover app

Keep reading to discover the top AI object removal apps for iPhone, Android, and even online users in 2024!

8 Best Free Object Remover Apps for iPhone, Android, and Web Users in 2024

Removing unwanted objects used to require advanced software and hefty payments, but now, there are plenty of free apps available that can easily do the job.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best free apps to remove objects from photos that you can use starting today!

1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free AI Object Remover

Use Object Remover Tool to Remove Objects from Photos

YouCam Perfect's AI Removal result

Rating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

Available for: iOS and Android

YouCam Perfect is one of the best AI object removal apps in 2024 that offers the most natural removal result. The app uses artificial intelligence to naturally remove objects, allowing you to quickly and easily touch up your photos.

How to Erase Something from a Picture on iPhone & Android

You can erase anything with a single tap simply by selecting what you want to remove. It creates a seamless edit that looks natural and keeps your photos looking professional. The app's top features include:

Accurately Remove Objects With AI

Accurately Remove Objects With AI Object Remover

Immediately get your perfect AI removal results

With YouCam Perfect, you can quickly and naturally erase anything from your image to perfection in just a few steps. The app's AI Removal tool was designed to be flexible.

Don't worry if you accidentally highlight yourself like hair or clothes. It will smartly distinguish the subject and object and only remove your unwanted parts.

Remove Objects From Photos

Remove Anything from Photos

Remove Anything from Photos with AI Object Remover

▲ Remove objects or people in pictures

YouCam Perfect's Object Removal tool is a powerful feature that can enhance your photos by removing objects and people, texts, shadows, power lines, and other distracting things.

Whether you want to remove an ex-partner from a group photo or eliminate a pesky street sign in your landscape shot, YouCam Perfect's “Removal” tool is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their photography.

Remove Objects From Photos

How to Use YouCam Perfect's Photo Object Remover?

  1. Download the free YouCam Perfect app
  2. Open the app, tap Photo Edit, and import your image
  3. Navigate to the "AI Removal" feature
  4. Select "Plus" for small area removal, or "Pro" for large area erasing
  5. Paint over the things you want to remove
  6. Save your edit!

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2. TouchRetouch: Quick Object Removal App

Object Remover: TouchRetouchRating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.3 on Google Play

Available for: iOS and Android

TouchRetouch has more advanced object removal tools than most other apps. Its high-quality features help you seamlessly remove objects, and the app has tutorials to help you make the most of its features. Unfortunately, it’s not free, it costs $2 per month to use.

With multiple object removal tools, TouchRetouch is made specifically for that purpose. It has one-touch removal for many edits, plus lots of adjustable features. With it, you can remove photobombers, blemishes, and background objects like trash cans, power lines, and streetlights.

How to Use TouchRetouch's Object Removal?

  1. Open image in TouchRetouch
  2. Click the Object Removal tool
  3. Paint the objects you want to remove

3. Adobe Photoshop Fix: Advanced Object Removal App

Object Remover: Adobe Photoshop Fix

Rating: 3.2 on Google Play

Available for: Android Only

Photoshop Fix makes it easy to remove objects and blend your photo to create natural edits. It’s great for retouching and it’s free, though it doesn’t have as many editing features as other apps.

The Heal and Patch tools let you pinpoint and remove objects to create a natural image you can share. Other features, like paint, color, liquify, and smooth, help you fix your background after you remove an object. The adjust and defocus tools hide or emphasize different parts of your photo, and it works best if you don’t need to do any fancy edits.

How to Use Photoshop Object Removal?

  1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop Fix
  2. Go to the Healing tool
  3. Choose Spot Heal to remove objects from photos

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4. YouCam Makeup: Best Face Retouching App

Object Remover: YouCam Makeup

Rating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

Available for: iOS and Android

YouCam Makeup is a versatile selfie editing app that helps you transform your selfies and portraits. With this app, you can highlight something you want to be removed and edit away pesky blemishes. You can also remove bags from under your eyes, lighten dark circles, and smooth away unsightly pores.

Not only can you touch up your face with YouCam Makeup, but you can also add makeup to your photo. This allows you to transform your look with various makeup products, including mascara, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. Create the exact look you want with YouCam Makeup.

YouCam Makeup is the best photo app to edit your selfies, from applying makeup filters, edit face shape, remove blemishes and all other face editing features.

How to Use YouCam Makeup's Object Removal?

  1. Open image in the YouCam Makeup
  2. Go to the Removal tool in Edit
  3. Remove objects in one click

5. PhotoDirector: Easy Object Remover App

Object Remover: PhotoDirector

Rating: 4.6 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

Available for: iOS and Android

PhotoDirector makes it simple to quickly remove items you don’t want in your photos. This app features a ton of powerful tools that go beyond simple object removal. With this app, you can add fun animations to your photos or enhance your images.

PhotoDirector truly takes the detailed work of a photo editing tool and places it into an easy-to-use format. Rather than spending hours carefully editing an image, use PhotoDirector to create truly unique photos that are perfect for sharing on social media.

How to Use PhotoDirector's Object Removal?

  1. Open image in PhotoDirector
  2. Find Removal in Tools
  3. Draw the unwanted part and remove it

6. Snapseed: Free Object Removal App

Object Remover: Snapseed

Rating: 3.6 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

Available for: iOS and Android

Snapseed is free and has lots of photo editing tools that help you adjust your photo quality and remove objects. However, it’s not updated often and may not work as well with newer devices.

The app’s healing feature lets you remove any unpleasant surprises in your photos. The feature isn’t as advanced as other object removal tools, but if you need a simple, quick fix, Snapseed has it. It works best when you want to adjust other details, like exposure and color.

How to Use Snapseed's Object Removal?

  1. Open image in Snapseed
  2. Go to Healing in Tools
  3. Select the objects and it will disappear!

7. PhotoRoom: Online Object Remover

Object Remover: PhotoRoom

Rating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.7 on Google Play

Available for: Web, iOS, and Android

PhotoRoom is a versatile web tool that specializes in removing objects and backgrounds from photos with ease. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to achieve natural results.

Using advanced AI algorithms, PhotoRoom automatically detects and isolates the subject in your photo, allowing you to remove things from a photo with a few clicks.

How to Use PhotoRoom's Photo Object Removal?

  1. Open PhotoRoom online
  2. On the 'Tools' tab > find > 'Retouch'
  3. Select the image you want to remove objects from
  4. Done

8. Free Online Object Remover

Object Remover:

Available for: Web offers an efficient and effective object removal tool that enables users to easily remove objects from their photos online. This web-based tool provides a simple and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

How to Use' Object Removal?

  1. Open' online webpage
  2. Upload a photo
  3. Paint on the unwanted objects and press "Clean"
  4. Save the photo without the undesired objects

How Do We Choose the Best App for Removing Objects?

If you are looking for a way to remove objects from your photos using your phone, there are several free apps available.

Whether you want to remove a distracting element from an otherwise perfect shot or remove people from a photo, these apps can help. To make sure you select the best object remover from the photo app for your needs, here are some key features to look for:

1. Easy-To-Use Interface

Look for an app with a straightforward, intuitive interface to make editing your photos fast and easy.

2. Range of Tools

Does the removed object from the photo app offer a range of tools for removing objects? For example, does it allow you to adjust the size of the erase to remove large objects or elements that have complex backgrounds?

3. Editing Features

Does the removed object from the photo app also offer other editing features, such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting the brightness and contrast?

By considering these 3 criteria, you can find the best remove object from the photo app for your needs. With the right free object remover, you can remove unwanted elements from your photos quickly and easily — giving you flawless shots every time.

So why not get started today? Find an app that meets your needs, and get ready to remove objects like a pro!

Best Object Removal Apps & Tools Comparison

Object Removal App/ToolAvailable PlatformFree Option/AI-Powered
YouCam PerfectiOS/Android✔️/✔️
Adobe Photoshop Fix
YouCam Makeup

Remove Objects from Photos Tutorial

AI Photo Object Remover FAQs

What Does "Remove Objects From Photos" Means?

Usually means to erase an unwanted thing or a person in the background through an app or a website. AI Object removers employ advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automatically detect and remove the selected objects, seamlessly filling in the background or surrounding areas.

These tools provide you with a convenient and efficient way to:

  • Clean up your images
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Erase photobombers
  • Photo erase any other unwanted elements

What App Can Remove Objects?

These are the eight best object removal apps that we recommend to try for photo editing.

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. TouchRetouch
  3. Photoshop Fix
  4. YouCam Makeup
  5. PhotoDirector
  6. Snapseed
  7. PhotoRoom

YouCam Perfect is a great app for removing unwanted objects from photos. The app’s Cutout and Object Remover tools allow you to select, outline, and erase people or objects from your photos with one tap.

Can You Erase Something From a Picture on an iPhone or Android?

Of course! You can easily put something out of a picture using a remover app like YouCam Perfect, so you can use the app to remove objects on any mobile device (available for both iOS and Android).

To make unwanted objects disappear from your photo

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a picture
  • Locate "AI Removal"
  • Select "Plus" feature for small-area removal
  • Select "Pro" for large-area removal
  • Start painting the area you wish to erase
  • Press "Apply" and save your result

Download the app for FREE now to give this easy tool a try!

How Can You Edit Something Out of a Picture?

YouCam Perfect's Object Remover uses an intelligent object remover to instantly select and remove the object you want to edit out in just one tap. The AI will smartly wipe out the removal area (such as people/objects in the background) and use generative fill to make your result natural and picture-perfect!

Can You Erase an Object in a Photo on an iPhone?

Yes, simply download a photo eraser app like YouCam Perfect. Find the “AI Removal” tool, select the unwanted object or person, and click on “Apply”. Done!

Get the Best Apps to Remove Things from Photos FREE Today!

YouCam Perfect has the most powerful photo AI object remover tool to retouch your images for you to remove objects from your photo. It gives you realistic, natural edits that show only what you want in your selfies. Free download the app for iOS or Android to explore all it has to offer!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Object Remover App for Photos for iPhone and Android in 2023

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