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How to Cut Out Faces and Objects From Images for Free
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How to Cut Out Faces and Objects From Images for Free

Feb 7, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Cutting out faces or objects from images can be a cumbersome task if you do not have the right tools. But what if we could tell you that there is an app that can make this process super easy and fast?

Learn how to easily cut out objects from photos easily with the best free photo cut out app▲ Cut Out the Photo & Add the Background

YouCam Perfect is a free app that can help you cut out faces and objects, achieve perfect photo-cutting results, and even backgrounds from images. In this blog post, we will show you how to use YouCam Perfect to cut out images for free.

Table of Contents

What is Image Cutting?

remove background from photo with the photo cutting feature▲ Cut Out Photo & Background Removal Tool

Image cutting, also known as image cropping, refers to the process of isolating a subject or object within an image while eliminating the background. This technique is commonly used in graphic design, product photography, and creating visually appealing collages.

Why Would You Want to Cut Out an Image?

Cut a head from a picture with the photo cutting feature

  • Enhancing Creativity: Cutting out images allows you to combine various elements to create unique compositions.
  • Product Photography: E-commerce platforms often require product images with transparent backgrounds to showcase products effectively.
  • Creating Memes and GIFs: For a touch of humor or storytelling, you may need to extract characters or objects from existing images.
  • Designing Graphics: Whether it's for posters, flyers, or social media posts, cutting out images is crucial for graphic design.

The Best Free Image Cut-Out Photo Editor App in 2024

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app for image cut out. With its all-in-one features powered by AI, it’s far easier and quicker to cut out a face, a person, or any object from your photos without blurry edges.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Using YouCam Perfect’s Cut Out Tool, you can express your creativity with a single tap. It's far simpler than using tools like Photoshop or other photo editing software that demand a high level of expertise to revise images. Read on to find out how to easily cut out anything from an image with our Cutout tool!

How to Cut Out an Image for Free on iPhone and Android

Follow these 5 steps to easily use the photo cut-out tool to enhance your images on both iPhone and Android:

Step 1: Download the Best Free Image Cut Out App

Download the YouCam Perfect app, the best free photo editing app to start your cut-out journey today. The app is free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

For iPhone Users: Upload the image you want to edit, click on Photo Edit, and choose Cutout.
For Android users: Open your photo in the app and find Tools, then choose Cutout.

Step 3: Cut Out the Image From the Photo

Cut Out Pictures Easily in 1 Tap with Best Free Photo Cut Out App

▲ Cut Out Image with Photo Editing Tool

First, select the parts of the image you want to cut out by painting them over. You can use the Smart Brush tool to cut out any item easily. It will detect the nearby object and instantly select the object outline.

Moreover, you can also use the AUTO AI mode to auto-cut out your portrait or any subject in a few clicks. This option is ideal when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to carefully cut out your face in a photo. The tool is powered by advanced artificial intelligence for precise automatic subject detection.

Then, you can use the Eraser tool to clean up any parts you might have highlighted by accident. Finally, click the checkmark on the bottom right.

Cut out images

Step 4. Make a Transparent Cut-Out Image

Cut Out Pictures and Get Transparent Background

After confirming the object cutout, YouCam Perfect will remove the background automatically. Congratulations, you have now cut out the photo! Now, Reposition, resize, or flip the photo to finish your new design.

From here, users can choose to save a picture as a PNG, or a JPG for future use. If you choose PNG, you will see a transparent cutout in your phone album.

Cut out images

Pro Tip: Change the Background After Cutting Out an Image

Add Transparent Cut-outs to a New Background

You can also change the background with the cut-out tool. Follow the above steps, and choose the Background button before you save the picture. This lets you quickly swap out the background for a preset option or you can select your favorite background from your phone.

Top 3 Ways to Use an Image Cutting App

YouCam Perfect's cut-out photo tool provides an excellent and intuitive user interface that allows you to edit your photos and makes editing cut-out images easier than ever. Here are the top 3 ways to use the image cut-out tool creatively.

Cut Out Faces from Images to Swap Faces

Cut Out Face from Photo free with best cut out app

With this excellent cutout tool, you also can create various funny images and unique stickers. The only limitation here is your imagination, as you can make any photo into a fun creation with the Cutout tool.

For example, you can swap your face with friends, celebrities, or any animals next to you.

Cut Out Objects From Images to Create a Meme

▲ Trending funny memes without Cut Out tool

Would you like to create your own funny memes using your photos? You can easily do so without the need to pay a printing company by using the best FREE cut-out app from YouCam Perfect.

This amazing cut-out tool provides you with plenty of creative freedom and is incredibly user-friendly. Give it a try now to bring your trending funny meme ideas to life!

Cut out images

Cut Out Objects From Images to Change the Sky

Change Cut Out Background Easily and Fast

The YouCam Perfect image cut-out tool can also help you change the sky in the photo for a surreal and creative edit! Simply tap Change Background after using the AI cut-out tool, and then you can choose a cool sky background with plenty of options.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Image Cutting App in 2024

YouCam Perfect is the best app for cutting something out of an image. Create your next artistic masterpiece using YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool. Download the image cut-out app now to get started!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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Photo Cut Out Tool App FAQs

Which Cut-Out App Is the Best?

YouCam Perfect is the best cut-out app—no photo editing experience is necessary. It offers an AI Cutout tool that will accurately cut out any object from the photo. Additionally, you can choose to save the cutout part as a PNG or JPG. If you select PNG, you can get the cutout with a transparent background!

How Do You Cut Out an Image Without Photoshop?

You can easily crop images with YouCam Perfect as a Photoshop alternative app! Simply:

  1. Download the free cutout app
  2. Tap Photo Edit and upload a picture
  3. Locate the Cutout feature for auto-detect
  4. Press the "subject isolation" button to keep your face/photo subject
  5. Press the "background isolation" button to keep your photo background
  6. Explore more editing features and save your result

What App Can Cut Out Pictures?

YouCam Perfect app lets you cut out an object or a person from a picture easily without Photoshop. Use YouCam Perfect’s Cut Out tool to select objects, or change background in seconds!

Cut Out Photo and Place the Image in Different Backgrounds

How Do I Cut a Face Out of a Picture?

Photo cutting can be easy using YouCam Perfect, it's free to download and available for both iOS and Android users. Here are the 5 simple steps to cut out a face, part of an image, and crop a person or faces out of a photo:

  • Step 1. Tap "Photo Edit" on the app's homepage
  • Step 2. Upload a picture for face/partial cutout
  • Step 3. Navigate to "Cutout" in the menu bar
  • Step 4. Press the buttons on the bottom to either cut the photo background or the subject
  • Step 5. Save your portrait cutout

What App Can I Use to Add My Head to Another Body in a Photo?

YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool lets you easily cut out faces from photos and position them on other friends’ bodies. Follow our steps to see how to get this effect with YouCam Perfect:

  1. Download the YouCam Perfect App
  2. Choose a selfie and go to the Cutout tool.
  3. “Paint” over the head you want to cut out and click the check mark.
  4. Click Background to upload the photo with your friend’s body.
  5. Add your head to another body.
  6. Save & share this fun edit with your friends!

Get the Photo Cut Out App Free Today!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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