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Best Face Editing App to Touch Up Portrait Mistakes In Photos

Nov 30, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Best Face Editor Tools for Photo Touch Ups

When taking and editing portraits, most of us have had to deal with issues beyond our control. Maybe we didn’t pay enough attention to our surroundings when taking the portrait, or we were in a hurry to take that perfect shot. Perhaps the photo seemed great, but you only noticed that something was wrong when you started editing the photos. Whatever the reason may be, YouCam Perfect is here to help with its wide selection of retouching and beautifying tools, no matter what issue you are in need of correcting.

YouCam Perfect: Best Face Editing & Photo Retouch App

Download YouCam Perfect Best Free Face Editor For Photos

Regardless of the issue that afflicts your portrait, the YouCam Perfect app can help! The app is known as the leader in the photo editing space thanks to its free, easy-to-use features. It provides every editing tool you need, from basic editing like acne removal and teeth whitening to advanced reshaping tools. YouCam Perfect offers countless features to help in editing your photos, but some of the most popular are Object Removal, Kaleido, and Background, among others. Now that you know what the app can do, let’s talk about how it can solve the most common portrait issues.

Best Touch-Up Tools to Solve Common Portrait Issues

Photographers of all levels can relate to the frustration when there’s an issue with your portrait, let alone more than one issue. The most common are wrong face angle, red eyes, insufficient lighting, and a less-than-perfect background.

  • The wrong face angle occurs most often when the subject isn’t looking at the camera quite right or the overall positioning is unfitting.
  • Red eyes happen in low-light situations, when your camera flash or another bright light source is reflected from the retina, causing the redness you see in the resulting image.
  • Insufficient lighting can result in many problems, but usually, your subject is dark and your photo can have unpleasant shadows.
  • Another very common issue with portraits is that the background will have issues, whether that be distractions or an unpleasant color scheme.

How To Touch Up Your Face For A Natural Look

With these common face issues in mind, let’s review the eight tips that will help touch up your face for a natural look.

1. Adjust the Shape of Your Face

Touch Up Face Shape with Face Shaper Tool in Best Face Editing App

You might need to adjust the shape of your face in a portrait, which can seem intimidating but will actually only take you a few taps. This edit is needed if the angle is wrong and your face looks different in a photo.

To correct this issue, you can use the many different reshaping tools: Face Shaper, Chin Shaper, and Nose Shaper, to name a few.

Top Features

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY FACE SHAPER NOW.

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    2. Eye Retouch Tools

    Retouch Eyes Using Best Face Editing App's Photo Touch-ups Editing Tool

    The eyes are the window to the soul, so it’s no wonder we want them to look their very best in photos. The YouCam Perfect app has several tools to adjust your eyes, including Brighten, Eye Bag, and Enlarger. Experimenting with each feature is sure to give you the perfect eyes you’re hoping for in your image! 

    Top Features

    • Eye Brighten
    • Eye Bag
    • Eye Enlarger
    • Red-Eye
    • Double Eyelid

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    3. Remove Acne & Smooth Skin

    Remove Acne and Smooth Skin In Face Photos With Best Face Editor Without Photoshop

    Even the best skin complexion could use a little enhancement, and that’s where the YouCam Perfect app comes in handy. Use the Acne, Contour, Oil-Free, or many others to correct the skin of all the subjects in your portrait with just a few quick taps. 

    Top Features

    If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY ACNE REMOVAL NOW

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      4. Whiten Your Teeth, and Get A Natural Smile

      Whiten Teeth And Adjust Smile Without Photoshop Using Best Touch Up App

      A bright, white smile can make all the difference when it comes to your image. Using YouCam Perfect’s Teeth Whitener and Smile tool, you can add emphasis and improvement to this very crucial part of your photo. 

      Top Features

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      5. Freshen Up Your Look

      Adjust Tone Color and Add Blush To Your Face Photos

      Skin can be finicky, but with the help of some choice features, you can get a dewy, glowing look in no time at all! To do so, use the Blush and Tone tools to make minor adjustments to your existing photo, or use the Live Cam Mode to change your lip color in real time. 

      Top Features

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      6. Auto-Beautify in a Single Tap

      Click Auto Button To Quickly Touch Up Your Selfies In A Tap

      Sometimes you know exactly what changes need to be made, but other times, you might want to rely on an advanced app to help you out.

      Using the Auto tool is simple and easy, and it saves time while vastly improving your portrait. Remember, adjust your portraits and selfies in moderation. You don’t want to adjust them so much that they look unrealistic, and you don’t want to sacrifice the balance or proportions. 

      7. More Reshape Options: Body Reshape

      Use Body Tuner Tool To Touch Up Your Photos Easily

      In addition to reshaping faces, the YouCam Perfect app also provides other tools like Body Shaper and Body Tuner for you to play around with! This can help you imagine yourself in a different form, or show you how you’d look wearing clothes that accentuate a particular part of your body. 

      Top Features

      If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY BODY TUNER NOW.

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      8. 200+ Stylish Photo Effects

      Try Over 200 Photo Filters To Level Up Your Photos With Best Touch Up App For Free

      These specific features are great for editing your portrait, but the YouCam Perfect app also offers over 200 photo effects to further enhance your image. Whether it’s using the live cam mode or the photo editing mode, try out the numerous stylish and aesthetic filters to elevate your photos in just a few taps. 

      Top Effects

      If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY EFFECTS NOW.

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      Try Out The Best Photo Touch Up App, YouCam Perfect

      Download YouCam Perfect Best Face Editing App for Photos For Free

      We’ve all experienced issues with our portraits, but thankfully, the YouCam Perfect app has many features you need to correct them. Now that you know how to use them, you can download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started on your portrait improvements.

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