AI Virtual Try-On for Nails

Top Brands Have Increased Sales Conversion +100%
Unique live AR virtual try-on.
Website or Apps | New shopping experience.

How Does Virtual Nail Try-On Work?

Provide your customers with an instant live preview of your nail products or press-on nailsNEW on their hands, without the messy clean ups and time-consuming application.


Let shoppers experiment freely with endless color and style combinations before committing, and deliver an ultra-personalized shopping journey that helps drive sales.


Efficient Nail Polish and Design Sampling, Including Press-On NailsNEW

Highly customizable live camera engine that accurately showcases your nail art and nail polish products virtually.


AI Virtual Nails

AgileHand™ Technology Brings the Virtual Nail Experience to Life

Revolutionize the shopping journey for nail art and nail polish with the AI-powered AgileHand™ technology. Provide your customers with an instant live preview of your nail polish or nail art on their hands in real time.

Realistic AR Enhanced by Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Highly-realistic textures, reflections, finishes and lighting simulations deliver top-class AR effects for the most realistic nail virtual try-on experience.


Taking advantage of physically based rendering (PBR), our AR nails present digital nail art renderings with unmatched accuracy.


Ample Features to Help Shoppers Find Their Favorite Nail Products

Allow your customers to:


Easily Integrate Into Websites or Apps

Fast time-to-market deployment let nail art brands showcase their latest colors, styles, and nail designs effectively. The solution is quick to setup and easy to integrate into your ecommerce site.


There is no better way to let shoppers try nail products virtually than by using the AI-powered Virtual Nail Try-on Technology. Get them excited about making a purchase!


AI-Powered Virtual Try-On for Nails Technology is Available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

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