AI Virtual Background Changer

Powerful virtual background segmentation AI technology to create a more immersive AR virtual try-on shopping experience.
AI Background

Immersive Virtual Environments for AR Try-On

Complete the immersive virtual try-on experience and transport your shoppers to any location or environment of your choosing. Make your AR shopping journey more fun and engaging.

Advanced AI Segmentation Technology

Best-in-class foreground/background segmentation technology with jitter-free, real-time poeple tracking for a seamless virtual background experience. Compatible with:

Unlimited Aesthetics to Pair with AR Virtual Makeup

Add asethetic background styles to compliment any virtual makeup look. Pair your makeup look with a themed background to complete the look and feel, or switch the background during holidays and special ocassions.

Unique Shoppertainment Experience for AR Try-On

Generate and grow a hyper-engaged clientbase by transporting customers with the AI background changer. Excite shoppers and build brand loyalty by creating a dynamic and entertaining shopping journey through the broad array of virtual environments.

AI Background Changer is Available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

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